M|RESEARCH provides companies, professionals and consulting firms with specialized DATA ANALYSIS.

Economic systems evolve constantly and market relations produce a growing flow of information, which is highly valuable knowledge if integrated correctly into business strategy. The potential is enormous and drawing from this information is becoming more and more important. However, the data is complex and can easily lead to incorrect conclusions. We are in the field of Data Science.

Companies, professionals and consulting firms usually lack the time and resources to analyse the data in-house. M|RESEARCH recognizes this gap by combining experience in both academia and the workforce into a practical network of economic, statistical and business skills.

An innovative point of view in a concrete framework. A bridging role between university and business.

M|RESEARCH is the Italian member of Global Benchmarking Network (GBN).


M|RESEARCH specializes in combining tools of qualitative and quantitative analysis (e.g., benchmarkingpeer-group analysis, KPIsgravity models and GIS analysis) in “informationally augmented” contexts. We offer an innovative point of view in a concrete framework.

M|RESEARCH’s philosophy draws from socio-spatial theories, principally Henri Lefebvre’s “scale approach”, which addresses tensions between shifting geographical scales. At each step, we merge information characterized by a different territorial scale: from the very local to the international level, including the scale of the so-called “Big Data”.


M|RESEARCH enriches new readings of traditional schemes with novel methodologies and benchmarking techniques. We work from a proprietary database called GEODAT which is based on original processing.


M|RESEARCH operates in conditions of continuous remodeling to the type, quality, and amount of data available (e.g., the AMIOMAR model).


M|RESEARCH settles different types of data. We use structured (statistical) and unstructured (web and social) data drawn from a variety of sources (DATA LAKE), internal and external to the company, offering different types of analysis. Our support to decisions is unitary and ready-to-use.


M|RESEARCH customizes services to clients, also in the context of R&D projects, taking advantage of a consolidated consulting network. The team is able to train and follow the professional/company through the operationalization of data science activities. M|RESEARCH people work side by side with customers in order to realize an incremental process of knowledge acquisition.



M|RESEARCH performs customized specialist DATA SCIENCE services in the following areas:

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