DATA ANALYSIS for “sales and marketing”

The integration of traditional analysis with data mining and web scraping methodologies results in a highly innovative set of services involving the combined use of “structured” data from various sources, nature and scale (eg. from the Census Unit breakdown to peer-group analysis based on Italian and foreign firms’ balance sheets), and “unstructured” data drawn from the web and the social networks (eg., facebook, twitter).

For professionals and consulting firms, M|RESEARCH performs:

Performance and positioning

  • Benchmarking, Peer Group Analysis, Sector/Market Analysis: over 20 performance indicators (e.g., financial indicators, profitability-liquidity ratios) computed against those of direct competitors and potentially all comparable companies in the same sector/country/region; best practice analysis
  • “Supplier Rating” and supply chain analysis
  • Positioning analysis with integration of the internal database with external data, including social data
  • Identification and analysis of the performance of business partners, customers, and/or competitors based on web and panel data (the financial statements)
  • Market forecasts

Prospect lists

  • Financial information (eg. profitability ratios, financial strength, reliability) on actual and potential partners (e.g., Rating Based Marketing)
  • Georeferenced contacts of business partners and managers
  • Integration with geo-economic analysis, performance and positioning, digital marketing analytics

Digital Marketing – Social media analytics (media monitoring, sentiment analysis, virality and stickiness measurement, influencers detection)

  • Web pages success and actions pervasiveness
  • Companies social media vitality and penetration of marketing campaigns
  • Social media monitoring of competitors
  • Customized analysis based on social networks information

Geo-marketing and location intelligence

  • Estimation of market size and potential revenues
  • Segmentation and market share analysis
  • Sales targets
  • Sales territory design/ sales network optimization
  • Assessment of entry fees and royalties in franchising agreements